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Ascendant Technologies Inc.


Ascendant Technologies Inc is a software development company dedicated in providing comprehensive and high quality information systems business solutions for medium sized industries, primarily in the field of healthcare digital systems management.

Ascendant Technologies maintains strategic partnerships with key providers in the Philippines, as well with companies in the Midwest and Silicon Valley, to deliver timely, cost effective and high technology development tools suitable to the specific needs of our clients.


It has been our discipline to constantly seek ways to deliver actionable strategies and solutions in order to satisfy the needs of our clients, and bring the company to a new level of expertise, primarily in the field of software development.

Digimed EMR

Ascendant Technologies Inc, designed and developed the Digi Med Electronic Health Medical Record System,the pioneering patient digital records software in the Philippines. Digi Med is a web based software which enables medical practitioners to maintain an accurate, comprehensive and real time database of their patients, with unlimited 24 x 7 access to their information.

    Some of the benefits of DigiMed EMR:
  • Accuracy in coding, retrieving and cataloging of patient records.
  • Flexibility in conducting more advanced research.
  • Easier coordinating with HMOs due to the integration if ICD-10 and CPT -10 codes.
  • Securing and maintaining your valuable patients data will be worry free due to the easy back up of all files and industry grade software protection in place.
  • Accessing your patient information from multiple clinics will be much easier.
  • Customizing your software package cost may be provided based on specific needs and
    current healthcare set up.
    • Practitioners can easily view their appointments through their Smart phones by using a standard web browser.
    • Details of every appointment can easily be viewed and updated.
    • Admin staff can view doctor’s calendar and daily appoiontments.
  • Patient Profile
    • Easily captures patient identification (name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.) needed to establish profile of patient.
    • Includes family medical history which can identify people with a higher predisposition of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, and diabetes.
    • Primary and secondary physician can be added.
  • Procedure
    • Ability to add new procedures, information on the surgeon(s) performing the operation, position, anesthesia and blood loss information.
    • Improves surgeon communication through the ability to access critical patient information from any source.
    • Ability to link up with different agencies of the hospital (i..e. lab procedures, accounting) for easier coordination.
  • Laboratory
    • There is an organized catalogue of laboratory work in place, which will avoid misdiagnosis.
    • Displays the summary of laboratory results to easily identify or analyze changes in results.

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Centro Holistico

Golingay General Hospital

Catholic Charities

Small Jobs Guru


Our App Projects


The app features popular travel destinations in the Philippines and comprehensive local flight info from airline companies.


The app shows an extensive breadth of recipes, ingredients and helpful cooking tips, complete with mouth-watering food images.


The app is designed to test basic-to-difficult addition skills for children.


This app is designed to challenge kids to unscramble words, and rearrange it to make complete sentences.


This app is designed to teach children the basics in the identification of different types of shapes.

Our Services


Ascendant is in agreement with the Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT) wherein PLDT shall take Ascendant’s Digi Med EMR under PLDT’s Cloud Services for SME. Under this agreement, PLDT shall utilize their marketing force to market Digi Med throughout the country. It will also provide a strong base of customer service support through PLDT’s vast and established customer service group. And with this partnership Ascendants Digi Med EMR software shall be housed in PLDT’s cloud infrastructure guaranteeing stability, security and ease of scalability.


We perform needs analysis and systems integration work as well consultancy, training, and customer support for our clients. We provide both offshore and on site services.

We are also involved with other IT-related projects such as managed hosting services and hardware installation & configuration.

DigiMed Electronic Medical Record System

This is the full blown product of Ascendant, which provides a multi –user, multi access point system for use by the entire clinic. This includes the patient information system plus Labs, Radiology and Front Desk/ Calendaring system, as well as a link to the back-end Billing system.This will be delivered using the cloud based “virtual server” model, wherein the system shall be a private VPS on the cloud. After which the user will hook up to the network and can access through multiple workstations throughout the clinic. They will have an automatic back up to the EMR central server and can be accessed by doctors over the web from different locations. The reasons for VPS appliance system is primarily for security and stability, because it prevents unauthorized access, intellectual property theft, admin user errors and damages from other unrelated software. It will also allow the user to design the program for system optimization without taking into account the other programs on the computer.


We offer to fully maximize your web presence and drive even more revenue into your business. Our creative design team will create a visually attractive web presence with intuitive navigation, as well as an effective delivery system to upsell your marketing message and value proposition.


Ascendant embraces the growing demand for enterprise mobility in app development for mobile phones, tablets and large device formats. We offer a complete end-to-end and delivery of mobile software and app development services at competitive rates. We build these technologies across platforms such as android and IOS operating systems.

Our Founders

Mr. Sergio V. Arroyo

Sergio Arroyo is an alumnus of U.C. Berkeley. He brings to Ascendant his extensive technical experience that he gained from working for seven years in Silicon Valley for such companies such as NBC and American Express. Previous to that, on the local scene, he was a degree holder at De La Salle University and the youngest licensed trader of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). He continued on as a financial analyst and portfolio manager before he moved on to take up post graduate studies at UC Berkeley.

Dr. Ramon B. Gustilo

Dr. Gustilo is a former head of the Orthopedic Department of Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He holds a position in Ascendant Technologies as one of the company’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Gustilo is widely known in the orthopedic field for his legendary “Gustilo Maneuver.” He has developed and patented several orthopedic hip replacement parts and other prosthesis. He is also the Founder and Chair of the Philippine Orthopedic Institute (POI) and other corporations.

He plowed back much of his earnings to his birthplace, Manapla, Negros Occidental, Philippines, where he established a hotel shopping complex and rebuilt the village’s Catholic church.

Mr. Nicolas Gustilo

Nicolas Gustilo lends his considerable technical skill and talent that he gained from many years of providing mobile solutions and communication architecture to such renowned companies such as Cingular and Verizon Wireless, a wholly owned subsidiary of telecommunications giant, Verizon Communications. Mr. Gustilo is currently based in Kansas City.

Our Partners


Cogent Solutions is a software development company located in the heart of Silicon Valley, with emphasis on providing technology solutions such as monitored support and services, legacy systems upgrade, systems integration, network design and install, project management and custom system design. Technical solutions provided by CSI also consists of cloud and CRM solutions, ERP solutions, security and data backup storage, VOIP and medical information systems.

Accomplished projects for CSI are web design and development, graphics, editing, website migration and app build services.


ACE is a company based in Virgina, USA that provides highly sophisticated technologies such as software defined networking (SDN), network architecture & design, and telecommunications. Ascendant has on going projects in the areas of financial and app development.


Lifeline Ambulance Rescue is highly trusted and regarded as the country’s Rescue 911. It is also the first and only dedicated “Emergency Quick Response” in the country. It prides itself in having Jaws of Life, nine (9) fully-equipped ambulances (Alpha) that are “virtual emergency rooms on wheels” as well as a fleet of first responder cars (Charlie) and pickups with the ability to respond to medical emergencies and life-threatening scenarios incessantly 24/7.

Lifeline also boasts of over 1.2 million strong members, corporate members included.

Ascendant Technologies had just inked an agreement to install IMD EMR system to Lifeline’s outpatient clinics and EQR ambulances.

Client Testimonials

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PLDT SME Nation was formed to boost effectiveness and market perfornance of small to medium-sized businesses that form the essential backbone of Philippine economy. It is dedicated to providing Filipino consumers with connectivity, hardware, and support that will suit the needs of startup entrepreneurs.

Ascendant’s EMR, through PLDT’s enterprise arm, PLDT SME Nation, has been showcased as one of PLDT’s 18 cloud-based applications. The EMR has been named as PLDT Cloud EMR with goals of enhancing clinic and medical record efficiencies as well as increasing revenue opportunities. Projects completed and instantiated were clinics from the Laguna and, very recently, one from Davao province.


This is the first and only dedicated Emergency Quick Response service in the Philippines. Lifeline is a highly trusted emergency services provider and regarded as the country’s “Rescue 911”.

Ascendant recently signed an agreement to install EMR system to Lifeline’s outpatient clinics and their 9 fully equipped alpha EQR ambulances, which serve as vitural emergency rooms on wheels.


In 2007 Samsung launched their SmartTV which features an extensive array of technological advances from voice, gesture and smartphone, web browsing, universal search via voice, remote control and a broad spectrum of TV apps.

Ascendant was tasked to develop a cuisine app featuring a renowned chef from the Philippines, an airline travel information and booking app and a few educational apps for children.


Established in 1999 and currently operating in Cebu City, Ascendant deployed it’s EMR Digi Med Cloud System including server set up and network services.


A world class tertiary hospital in operation for 40 years. Ascendant was able to instantiate an EMR Digi Med Cloud system for orthopedic doctors clinics on a monthly subscription basis.


This is a private practice patterned after group practices in the United States. Established in Manila in 1987,POI has now grown into 7 clinics all over Metro Manila. Ascendant recently migrated POI’s onsite EMR Digi Med to Cloud. Currently the facility is employing full use of the EMR Digi Med on a monthly subscription basis.


Intellicare is engaged in the delivery of managed healthcare services through health maintenance or plans. Ascendant help analyzed and give recommendation on the improvement of their clinic information processing system.


Merck Sharpe & Dohme is an international developer, manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals. MSD agreed to purchase EMR Digi Med licenses and hardware install, mainly for their clients as well as for their internal usage.


Smart Communications is the Philippines dominant wireless service provider with the most extensive and modern network infrastructure. Ascendant is currently working on providing back end technical and testing solutions.


A Davao based 21-bed hospital that acquired an EMR subscription agreement in 2014.


A Wellness & Holistic Medicine Clinic based in Alabang, run by a dynamic team of medical practitioners, recently signed an EMR subscription based agreement to fulfill their medical records prequisites.

The EMR system will be used throughout their clinic primarily as a tool for maintaining, managing and storing of valuable patient information.


This is a large network of private social organizations based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Ascendant was also tasked to provide website development services.


This is a one-stop shop for small home improvement projects based in San Jose, California, USA. Ascendant was tasked to provide website development services.


Medliant is an international recruiting specialist for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and therapists for placement in the United States and United Kingdom. Ascendant was tasked with the conceptualization, development of their website.



We are looking for an Applications developer to join a collaborative project team in our Ayala, Makati office. As a developer, you will be responsible for working closely with your project team to deliver against business requirements for your assigned client(s). The developer shall be working more on iOS and Android projects.


Knowledge Requirements:



Knowledge Requirements/Skills:


We are looking for competitive healthcare and/or pharmaceutical sales executives, male and female, who can thrive in a fast-paced business environment. You will act as the key link between our company and healthcare professionals and you will aim at meeting sales targets.  Both will be responsible for selling DigiMed EMR to clinics, hospital and doctor’s offices and healthcare professionals.  The goal is to increase the Ascendant EMR visibility and awareness and maximize sales growth.






This position is responsible for expert level performance in specific areas related to Ascendant Technologies’ provision of technical or business solutions/systems to clients.